Photography is my artistic outlet. It provides balance and fulfillment in my life. I seek beauty and, through photography, share my vision of beauty with others. Pretty simple, really, but then there's little reason to make it seem more complicated.

Where do I find beauty? I find it in nature, mostly; through wildlife, landscapes, isolated details and patterns, and in graceful human form. I am an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors. Exploring new places and observing all aspects of the natural world have always been important parts of my life.

Just a short note regarding my art nudes: It seems to me that we sometimes forget that we are part of nature too. My art nudes, aside from illustrating the intrinsic beauty of the human form, attempt to show a human connection with nature in a timeless, innocent, and artistic manner. I owe an endless debt of gratitude to the wonderful women who have collaborated with me in the creation of these images. This work, above all other, satisfies my need to be creative.

If I were a painter, or a sculptor, or an artist of any other medium, I have no doubt that I would create art very similar to the photos that I take. My sources of inspiration and reference would be the same. However, I would undoubtedly spend more time away from the outdoor world that I love and I certainly wouldn't be able to create as many pieces of work.